16:06 24-11-2008
I was there in '68-69. Does anyone remember the janitor's car being carried up the steps and into the main hall of the castle? April 1, 1969.
I live in Bangor, Maine, USA now.
03:50 03-11-2008
Porter Versfelt,...I found your name in this Beverweerd sight. Just please give me a mail. I like to get in touch with Joey Versfelt, your brother, who was in the same class when 7-9th grade at Beverweerd in late 1970s.
21:33 23-10-2008
ik heb van 1985 tot 1987 de Mavo op Beverweerd gedaan
het was erg fijn dat het in de eerste en tweede klas zo goed ging?
ik zou het leuk vinden als iemand reageerde?
00:08 27-09-2008
Wat leuk die foto's !!! Dat brengt me echt terug in de tijd, geweldig.
Dat gevoel nooit meer terug te kunnen naar die tijd, zo jammer, ik zou het zo graag nog eens met mijn "ogen van nu" terugzien....

Ken ik jou Joep ?? Je naam is wel bekend....
Ik zat bij Anita Frieling, die ik hier ook zie staan, in die tijd op school.

09:06 26-09-2008
Additional info......
I was the first student from Japan with my sister Keiko.
I miss all of you....Joey Versfelt, Teacher Odegard, Steve from US, Wim from Germany, Magda from Italy...etc..
08:56 26-09-2008
Hi I just found this sight. Verry happy to see this sight.I spent in Beverweerd between around 1974-1977. My name is Ko Haruki. I visited Beverweerd in 2005 but the school was unfortunately closed forever but the castle was just as nice as it was in 1970's. I am always wondering how people are doing nowadays, like Mr.Odegard (mathmatics teacher) and Jeoy Versfelt from US. Very much appreciated if you could let me know how to access them. Best regards,
11:39 20-09-2008
Was in 1969 tot de zomer leerling van klas 1. Directeur was de heer Scholten. Van Zuphen (inderdaad Flip) huisvader bij de jongens. Bijna 40 jaar geleden. Zijn er nog bekenden uit die tijd. Herinner me nog dat we op 1 april met alle leerlingen met bussen vertrokken naar Scheveningen.
Hoor graag van eventuele bezoekers. met groet, eelco
06:33 18-08-2008
Attended Beverwerd from 68 - 70. Was part of the student body when the "Chambre d'ami" was built. Have numerous photos .
06:25 18-08-2008
Hello, I attended Beverweerd in 1970. I was there for 6 months but have very fond memories of the school and the students. My brother Rob Foster attended for 3 years. I remember Emile Van Sebille, I remember Bernadette, my other roomates. We were in the girls coach house. We spent a lot of time in the music studio, walking the lanes around the school, and going to classes in the castle. This is the first that I've logged in and would enjoy connecting with former classmates. I live in Washington, DC and work in the Information Technology field for IBM Corporation. Best regards to all!
19:45 09-08-2008
Love this site- went there in '79-80...FYI the picture of Mieke Bom where it was shot in 1980..Those kids were not there in '80- thinking it was from the mid-to late seventies.
Wonderful to bring back where the memories-
21:15 10-04-2008
This takes me back a bit!
I was at Beverweerd '62 to '67.
till have contact with Freddy van Keken (was best man at my wedding in '74) and Peter Koeleman. Am about to retire in south of France (Margon)
Great times to remember!
16:57 31-03-2008
I was at Beverweerd in 1968-1969. It is wonderful to find folks online. Good memories from a time during which I changed a great deal. I later graduated from Sevilla Spain and now teach at a University in El Paso, Texas USA. Go to to see what I do these days.
22:33 24-02-2008
I was at Beverweerd from 1966 to 1969 . I was at Vilsteren in1965 and at the American school in The Hague 69/70
08:56 09-02-2008
Hello there Joep and all Beverweerder's! "Lee" Versfelt from 1973-1975. Graduated 1975. American section. I miss my Beverweerd days and have wondered for many years about a reunion. I'd love to hear from my old classmates, schoolmates and teachers/staff. I live in the Atlanta, Georgia (USA) suburb of Acworth. Call 1.678.469.6224 or write to: 4611 Liberty Square Drive, Acworth, Georgia 30101. I am a freelance TV DP/cameraman, producer, director and script writer and own a video production company.
17:10 26-01-2008
I was at Beverweerd 1977-1978. Great memories. It's over 30 years ago.
You can contact me on
Bye bye
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