19:45 09-08-2008
Kristin Grenda
Love this site- went there in '79-80...FYI the picture of Mieke Bom where it was shot in 1980..Those kids were not there in '80- thinking it was from the mid-to late seventies.
Wonderful to bring back where the memories-
21:15 10-04-2008
Folkert de Boer
This takes me back a bit!
I was at Beverweerd '62 to '67.
till have contact with Freddy van Keken (was best man at my wedding in '74) and Peter Koeleman. Am about to retire in south of France (Margon)
Great times to remember!
16:57 31-03-2008
Brian Giza
I was at Beverweerd in 1968-1969. It is wonderful to find folks online. Good memories from a time during which I changed a great deal. I later graduated from Sevilla Spain and now teach at a University in El Paso, Texas USA. Go to to see what I do these days.
22:33 24-02-2008
Rob Foster
I was at Beverweerd from 1966 to 1969 . I was at Vilsteren in1965 and at the American school in The Hague 69/70
08:56 09-02-2008
Porter Versfelt III
Hello there Joep and all Beverweerder's! "Lee" Versfelt from 1973-1975. Graduated 1975. American section. I miss my Beverweerd days and have wondered for many years about a reunion. I'd love to hear from my old classmates, schoolmates and teachers/staff. I live in the Atlanta, Georgia (USA) suburb of Acworth. Call 1.678.469.6224 or write to: 4611 Liberty Square Drive, Acworth, Georgia 30101. I am a freelance TV DP/cameraman, producer, director and script writer and own a video production company.
17:10 26-01-2008
Anita Frieling
I was at Beverweerd 1977-1978. Great memories. It's over 30 years ago.
You can contact me on
Bye bye
21:09 25-01-2008
Kevin Bloom
Was a student at Beverweerd 1966 and 1967 (at the Quaker School Vilsteren before that). Will dig through old files, I believe I have an old Herald that has class photographs, including one of Peter Koeleman, who posted previously.
23:01 12-01-2008
Jaap van Praag
Dear ALL,

I was a student at Beverweerd from mid 1979 to 1981....I have fantastic memories of one of the best periods of my life and I would love to re-connect with those that remember me and would like to contact me. I live in Ibiza, Spain ( were I was born ). I hope to see you soon at one of the reunions or who knows...Pls contact me by email at or

Thanks and best regards to all,
03:43 10-01-2008
Cary Sue Byerly Lava
I was at Beverweerd from 1967 - 1970 some great memories and a few I am thankful the stature of limitations is up.
15:14 26-10-2007
John Grever
Uhhh heet Flip in werkelijkheid geen Flip??? Dat ik daar na zoveel jaar pas achter moet komen!
22:46 06-10-2007
Peter Koeleman
I was at the school from 1965 to 1969. A lot of good memories and a few bad ones.
11:43 07-09-2007
Alex Schaap
Hi, Nice to see your site. I was there in 1966. Mr. Scholten was Director and Mr. van Zutphen came new as housefather. I named him "Flip" I do not remember why, but it became his nickname for long time. Mevrouw Boerighter was de housemother. Mr. Dik for the older classes. Mr .Grootenhaar for Dutch, our favorit teacher who married that year. And of course Mr. Hilsley in the tower. My aunt had pianolessons from him for years and years till just before he died. I have some old photo's if you are intersted just let me know.
20:42 08-08-2007
David Hyman
I was there only one year (1968-9); my sister was there for a couple of years after that.
02:41 25-06-2007
fredericka King
I was a student at Beverweerd 1963-64, a very happy and special experience. Piano lessons & performed with Wm.Hilsley, he played for morning gathering in the Hall, time skating on the water around the castle, lots of good times & people. My roommate and I are still I touch, we were Americans but I had come to the school from Surinam and spoke Dutch. I may be able to copy some old photos and send if you are interested.
Fredericka King
18:13 04-02-2007
Marcus Breet
Hallo Joep!

Ik heb het adres veranderd van mijn Beverweerdsite en ben het strakker aan het maken. Een link naar jouw site staat er weer op: Ik sta ook op Tribe en op Hyves is ook een Beverweerdcommunity.

Marcus (1984-1990)
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